2017 Mahoning Valley Burger Reviews

One more year in the books! We thank everyone that messaged us with their suggestions for great burger joints to check out. After switching over to reviews every 5 weeks, we were only able to get to 8 of them, but they were all amazing. Here’s the list, with links to the reviews, in the order we ranked them.


  1. Big D’s Newton Grill, Newton Falls, OH (Review) (BOTY story)
  2. Peter Allen Inn, Tavern on the Courtyard, Kinsman, OH (Review)
  3. Pondi’s Bar and Restaurant, Lisbon, OH (Review)
  4. The Phoenix Fire Grill and Bar, Canfield, OH (Review)
  5. Emerald Diner, Hubbard, OH – Closed – (Review)
  6. Lanai Lounge, Boardman, OH – New Management 1/1/2018 – (Review)
  7. The Stone Church Pizza House and Brew Pub, Hermitage, PA (Review)
  8. JR’s Pub, Austintown, OH (Review)