Somewhere in the Rust Belt, the aroma of freshly seasoned beef searing on the flat top fills the air of a bustling tavern, bar and grill, or diner. The hunger inducing scent is accompanied by a symphony of random, normal kitchen and restaurant sounds. A hurried waitress passes by to deliver another table’s order. Two burger platters so large that a steak knife is used to hold each sandwich together. An enchanting preview of things to come, because… it’s burger night for the Burger Guyz! What started in 2009 as five guys going out for a burger once a month, has morphed into a quest to uncover the elite burgers of Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Burgers will be dissected, their components scrutinized and side dishes devoured! This evening is just the latest chapter in our journey that is mapped out by the suggestions we receive here, or on Facebook. Don’t keep your favorite burger joint a secret! Let’s hear about it! Please feel free to post your civil reviews and comments on any of our reviews or stories.              


57 thoughts on “BURGERGUYZ

  1. I think you should try the burgers at The Ice House Inn. They also have a Buddah Burger Challenge that I highly reccommend. Thanks for your time

  2. Mike’s Penn Grille in Salem, Ohio has a 6lb burger challenge. 6lbs of beef, coleslaw, french fries and what seems to be a full loaf of bread for the bun.

  3. Hugger-Mugger Tasty Recipes in New Castle, Pa. has the M.S.(Mother Ship) Gut Buster. It’s two 8 oz. Angus burgers (1 lb!!) with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles. It’s all speared together with a knife. Not any kind of challenge, but just an awesome burger!

  4. You need to go to Montana Rib and Chop House in Hermitage ,Pa. Best burger and food anywhere You will tell me I am right , I am positive!

  5. I really think you should try the burgers out of the kitchen inside the Dash Inn from the Dine n Dash. They have a burger called the Beelzeburger, if you can finish it.in 45 minutes you get your photo on the wall and a t- shirt. If heat is not what you prefer they have delicious stuffed burgers wrapped in steak or try the Quadruple Bypass.

  6. I am so happy you loved your burgers at Montana Rib and Chop House in Hermitage,Pa. What a fantastic review you wrote and I knew you would say that you would return! Our very place to eat.

  7. Guys,
    Love your local reviews. I’ve visited many of the places you’ve blogged about and they’re all great. I have another place you haven’t visited yet: Laddie’s Sky Top in Brookfield. Great burgers!

  8. Hi. I live in Brookfield Ohio and Laddie’s Sky Club has the BEST burgers around. hands down and you guys have to try them.

  9. You guys need to try the burgers at the branding iron bar and grille in new castle they are the best burgers in the area

  10. My son and I go on the hunt every Saturday for a good burger. The best Burger so far is Truman’s Bar & Grill in Columbus. We live in Cleveland and are not scarred to drive for a good burger.

  11. Best burger in town not entered in contest are the burgers at moe’s place old leftheris tavern 1516 standard ave masury ohio by bull moose . not a free burger if u eat it all but we have the Brutus burger. One pound burger fresh ground steak packed with deliciousness. Come try us out. Hrs mon- Fri 11am-130pm then 4-12. Sat 4-12. Sun closed. This burger is so big and tall can’t get ur mouth around it. Check out Facebook page Moe’s place

  12. Hope the url works, this is a pic of the brutus burger, usually just a special for the Buckeyes game, but come on down to Moe’s place and try it, I’m sure you wont be disappointed. One pound ground chuck and all the toppings. See us at Moe’s place on facebook if url don’t work. Picture is listed under photos.

  13. I have to tell ya, the BEST place around here to get a GREAT tasting burger is Moe’s Place on Standard Ave. in Masury. Jason runs the kitchen there and hands down makes the best tasting burger I have ever eaten. He kicks butt on the grill. Stop over you won’t regret it!!

  14. I love the site. I have a burger book I have been writing in from many places I have had burgers from. I am from Western pa. I must say BOB’s place in Jamestown pa has a Bobby burger that is the best in my book. A close second is a 10 inch mountain burger front summit fireside lodge and grill in Ridgeway pa. That’s10inches high.

  15. Hi, we just got a crowd of out of towners doing a golf tournament here at moes. Somehow they heard of us and googled to find us. We were hoping it was burgerguyz. They didn’t leave disappointed. There were 8 of them.

  16. I am glad u liked combine brothers because I got sick on the mussels I will never go back ! the menu did not impress me have a good day

      1. I’m sorry the article in the paper was about combine brothers and I thought it was u guys

  17. Best burger I’ve had lately is at The Station Grille at Melillo’s tavern in Loweville. quite a few gourmet burgers on the menu. Their Pizza is out of this world also.

  18. Come check out the burgers at Tracks Inn ..Again in Cortland..seriously the best I’ve had..blows The Lake Tavern away..

  19. Hi guys! Do the burgers have to be on the every day menu to qualify? I tried calling one of the businesses to order the winning burger and it is not on their permanent menu. I was told it was made for the event and is sometimes run on special. Just a curiosity because it would seem like anyone can make up a burger that isn’t true to what they offer. Thanks for the reviews! Loving some burgers!!!

    1. Thanks for following us Amanda! The Burgers can be on the menu but it is not required. We are encouraging culinary creativity from our local restaurants and taverns and their chefs.

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