BURGERGUYZ of New Mexico

DSC00568DSC00623DSC00573“Where can I get a good burger around here?” Believe it or not, that was one of the first questions I asked upon arriving at my new home. For those that know me, not so hard to believe! You see, I’m a transplant from Northeast Ohio where I’ve been writing for BURGERGUYZ for the past few years. I have eaten so many hamburgers from so many places that mustard and ketchup now run through my veins! Before that, I used to think, (like I’m sure the majority of Americans do), a good burger is a good burger. But, now I know better! All burgers are not created equally! Since the gourmet burger explosion hit, the whole standard of what a good burger is has been thrown out the window. Restaurants and taverns continually re-create the burger with different ideas for toppings and sauces. For me, some of them work, some, not so much. I’m ready to take on the task of finding the greatest burger-joints my new home has to offer, and as the new kid in town I can use some help! Leave a comment here, or on my Facebook page, with your favorite place for chowing down a great burger!








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