BURGERGUYZ: Matanin’s Eagle Grille & Tavern, Hubbard, OH

By Anthony M. Fuda


The address is the same, but the name has changed. The building at 29 North Main St. went through a number of owners before finding a couple who knew what they wanted to do with the place, and how to make it work.


A couple years ago, owners Dave and Marsha Matanin went on their daily walk in Hubbard, and like every day, they passed 29 North Main Street. Marsha said she had ideas for the place even before they owned it. She saw the outside front and knew how she wanted it decorated so people would want to come in and enjoy a bite to eat.

Well, we’ve seen the changes to the restaurant and to the menu and can say we approve of both. The restaurant is made to feel like you can come in and have that home cooked meal – while someone else does the cooking. The Tavern has the hometown sports bar feel with a patio off the front and an area around back for various activities.

The changes to the menu made us smile, and with 7 burgers on the menu, our grins became even bigger!

We were taken care of throughout our meal by Marsha and one of the IMG_9749Eagle Grille’s favorite waitresses, Annie Deluca. They made sure we had everything we needed to make our dining complete.

They said the most popular burger at Matanin’s is the Signature Chipotle, Bacon, Ranch Cheeseburger.

The complete list of delicious half-pound hand pressed burgers are:

* Classic Burger (lettuce, tomato, on a toasted brioche bun (add cheese $0.75)

* Bacon Cheeseburger (maple black pepper bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato on a toasted brioche bun)

* EG&T Signature Chipotle, Bacon, Ranch Cheeseburger (bacon, cheddar cheese, onion straws, chipotle ranch sauce on a toasted brioche bun)

* Black and Bleu Buckeye Burger (blackened burger, melted bleu cheese on a toasted brioche bun)

* Hubbard Eagle Double Cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato, EG&T special sauce on a toasted brioche bun)

* Penguin Burger (cheese, black pepper bacon, topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce on a brioche bun)

* Teriyaki Veggie Burger (zesty meat alternative grilled with teyiyaki sauce, topped with lettuce, tomato and onion) Yes, a vegetarian burger for those who have lost their way, or for friends who say “I can’t go, there’s nothing for vegetarians there!



Each burger is sided with your choice of seasoned fries, coleslaw or mac & cheese. You can also get sweet potato fries for $1 more.

I chose the restaurant favorite Chipotle Burger because I love a good chipotle burger, and this one has everything covered — nice, juicy perfectly cooked beef, fresh, crispy, garden-fresh toppings, and a pleasantly tang of the chipotle ranch sauce. Each bite was an explosion of flavor, with the onion straws providing a start for the sauce as it cascaded down into the burger. The brioche bun made sure none of the delectable flavors of this mighty burger were lost, letting me savor each bite. Add the seasoned fries and this was an excellent burger meal.

Scott found a burger to his liking, saying, “I had the bacon cheeseburger. The first thing I noticed is that it was huge, so I cut it in half, to cut down on the mess and maybe take half home with me. What stood out for me after the first bite was the flavor of the beef. It had a flame broiled flavor to it, which just enhanced the flavor of the overall burger. I cut it in half so I could have a midnight snack, but there was nothing left to take home because it was so good.”


JT remarked on his Penguin Burger, ” Great burger, Eagle Grille! I loved it! The toasted brioche bun was special, but for me, the thick cut, peppered bacon really set this one off. And I also love the renovations. The patio is amazing! Something I would expect to see in a larger city, like Cleveland or Pittsburgh, but here it is in the center of Hubbard! VERY NICE.”

Maybe the restaurant does pick the owners, because Matanin’s has done everything right since they opened a little over a year ago, and it looks like they are still going strong. And if they keep up the great food and exceptional service we can see this place growing for years to come.


4 stars


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