New chef makes the grade


By J. Tranovich

I have to give kudos to Davidson’s Restaurant and Tavern and their new chef. Actually he’s not so new. Being the son of Frank and Staci Davidson, Gus practically grew up in the kitchen at Davidson’s. We were introduced to him four years ago when we stopped into Davidson’s to check out the burgers. Gus was a freshman in high school at the time and his manners impressed us so much we asked him to join us for a burger. Even more impressive was his knowledge of the menu and particularly, the burgers.


Fast forward to 2019, Gus is all grown up, still as polite as anyone can be, but now he has the credentials to begin his career as a chef. You see, as of this year, Gus is a MCCTC culinary graduate. After learning that, I just had to stop in to critique his work.

When the waitress took my order, I told her I want a burger.
“Which one,” was her obvious response.
“Surprise me! As long as Gus prepares it!”
A short time later she returned with a beautifully constructed bacon cheeseburger. After just one bite, it was easy to see that Gus had done his homework! I thoroughly enjoyed my sandwich from beginning to end. It was every bit as good as it looked! It was perfectly cooked to order, the bacon was crispy, the way I like it. The toppings were all super fresh and weren’t overloaded to the point that holding the burger together was a chore.
I was very pleased with my meal and have to give Gus an A+ for his work. Excellent job, Gus! I look forward to a return visit!

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