BURGERGUYZ: The Corner Alley (Cleveland)



The Corner Alley is a bowling alley/bar located on the corner of Euclid and East 4th. Our small group stumbled upon this place last year while taking refuge from a passing rain storm.  The decor is modern with an industrial feel and everything was very clean including the restrooms, (although they are a short hike from the bar area past the lanes and down the steps). On that visit I ordered a pizza and was so impressed by it, I vowed to return to try a burger.

Fast forward 10 months and here I am sitting at a table, scanning the burgers on their menu. They have 5 burgers listed and they’re all served on a grill toasted brioche bun. All burgers are served with an side of excellent tasting, crispy fries, but the menu tempts you to upgrade for $3. to one of their savory options; Loaded, Porky or Garlic Parm fries.

The burger prices are a bit higher than average, but as the saying goes… location, location, location! If you are unfamiliar, East 4th St. is a pedestrian zone that has many Cleveland landmark restaurants literally steps away, including The Butcher and the Brewer, Michael Symon’s Lola and The House of Blues.

The Burgers

  • Cheeseburger / $12. – American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion
  • The Irene / $13. – Candied bacon, goat cheese spread, arugula, tomato, garlic aioli
  • Black and Bleu Burger / $14. – Bleu cheese spread, candied bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce
  • The Polish Boy Burger / $15. – Shaved smoked sausage, cheese pierogi, BBQ, slaw
  • The Piasano / $14. – Salami, fresh mozzarella, LTO, garlic parm dressing

It was a tough decision between The Irene and The Polish Boy. Ultimately, the candied bacon won me over, so, the Irene it was. As I was about to add medium-well to my order, the waitress gave me the option of, pink or no pink. Now, I like medium-well but not medium, so out of angst I chose the no pink.


The Irene

Burger Time

Positives: The flavor combination of the tangy goat cheese spread and the candied bacon was phenomenal. The garlic aioli blended in well and the veggies were all fresh.

Negatives: My only beef with this burger is that it was just a little too saucy. The burger slid around a lot and before I reached the finish line, the sauce had overtaken the brioche.

Final word on The Corner Alley and The Irene: Awesome place, very good eats. The burger, overall, very delicious! But I will advise anyone that orders one to ask them to go a little easy with the garlic aioli for the sake of the bun.

4 tasty stars                                                    

Monday through Thursday:
11:30 am – 12:00 am

Friday through Saturday:
11:30 am – 2:00 am

11:30 am – 12:00 am


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