The Mahoning Valley Top 40 Burgers so far (2/12/18)

After nine years of trekking through and around the Mahoning valley in a quest to find the best burgers, we have come to the conclusion: Man, there’s a lot of great burgers around here!

The last time we published our overall MV rankings was in 2014. A lot of places have come and gone since then, and many of the places that we have visited have stepped up their burger game, so, we decided to do it again.

Four years ago, Chef Mel McKee, from Bogey’s Bar & Grill, in Lowellville, put together an awesome burger menu with so many delicious, unique toppings that we unanimously voted them in at #1. Can they hold on to the top ranking or has one of the 47 restaurants we’ve reviewed since then, unseated them? Click on the “Top 40” image at the bottom of the page to see the current top 40 burgers of the valley.

Here’s a little insight as to how we rank them;

  1. Our visit. The biggest factor is based on our initial visit. We have a scorecard for each burger we try. We scrutinize the beef, the bun, the toppings, sauces, and sides. Then we take into account, cleanliness, the service, and the atmosphere.
  2. Competitions. Entering competitions and losing will not cause a drop in the rankings, but we do factor in any awards that are won.
  3. Media recognition. Any awards from newspapers, magazines, or websites, such as, Best of the Best and Peoples Choice, also count.
  4. Revisit. We listen to all of the comments and opinions on our social media posts, good, bad, and ugly, which sometimes leads to a revisit.



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