The 2018 Meat 16 Rules

2018 MEAT 16
Chefs – Start your grills! We’re less than 2 months away from the biggest cheeseburger tournament of it’s kind in Ohio, the 3rd annual Meat 16! The rules for this year’s competition are below. Good luck to all competitors and may the best burger win!
The 2018 Meat 16 Rules:
  • A change for this year – restaurants are to provide the same burger recipe, all the way through the tournament. 
  • Burgers that are entered must appear in on restaurant’s menu, even if it is only during the tournament. Several tournament followers during last year’s tournament expressed to us on Facebook and through CD 93.3, their disappointment in not being able to try for themselves the burgers they were hearing about on the radio and Facebook, when they visited the restaurants.
  • Any toppings and condiments can be used, as long as they are on restaurant’s menu, during the Meat 16.
  • All burgers will be ordered medium-well.
  • For, “Build-your-own,” burgers, all components used in the recipe must be listed on restaurant’s menu during the tournament.
  • Restaurants are to provide a copy of the menu with a full description of the burger.
  • The orders for each of the preliminary rounds will always be the same; 2 medium-well cheeseburgers, with the toppings of the restaurant’s choice, cut in half, placed in 4 to-go boxes, (that BURGERGUYZ will provide at time of pick up).
  • As in the 2017 Meat 16, each restaurant will be given a time, usually between 5:00 and 6:00 PM for pick up. Orders will be placed at least 1 hour ahead of pick-up time for each predetermined match day. The burgers will be picked up at the exact same time from each restaurant in a match, and delivered to the judges at the exact same time. This is to insure that restaurants closer to the judging venue will not have an unfair temperature advantage.

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