Trumbull County Burger Rankings (Jan. 2018)

TCT20After so many requests to see our complete Trumbull burger rankings, we put together the top 20. Keep in mind that ALL of these places have great or pretty darn good burgers! We’re only publishing the top 20, but, even #20 is worth a revisit! We ranked them based on the scores we gave them at the time of our review, any comments, positive or negative, that we receive from readers about them, surprise return visits, awards from any competitions, media awards and anything else noteworthy. We try to keep up on these awards and also restaurant closings so we can remove them. Any help you can give us with this is appreciated! Let us know what you think!


  1. Big D’s Newton Grill – Newton Falls, OH
  2. Peter Allen Inn – Kinsman, OH
  3. The Lake Tavern – Mecca, OH
  4. Sunrise Inn – Warren, OH
  5. Raptis Family Restaurant – Howland, OH
  6. High Pointe Restaurant and Tavern – Niles, OH
  7. Station Square – Liberty, OH
  8. The New Manhattan – Hubbard, OH
  9. Niki’z Pub – Niles, OH
  10. Crossroads Bar & Grill – Southington, OH
  11. Shaker’s Bar & Grill – Liberty, OH
  12. StoneYard Tavern – Niles, OH
  13. The Lime Tree – Warren, OH
  14. Up-a-Creek – Howland, OH
  15. Courthouse Grill – Warren, OH
  16. JD’s Post House – Champion, OH
  17. Yankee Kitchen – Vienna, OH         
  18. Master’s Bar & Grill – Liberty, OH
  19. Amen Corner – Girard, OH
  20. Leon’s Sports Bar & Grill – Howland, OH

Click HERE for a closer look at the top 5.

2 thoughts on “Trumbull County Burger Rankings (Jan. 2018)

  1. What happened to Top Notch in Cortland? Did they close? Did you not go there? What? I thought Top Notch should have been on the list.

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