BURGERGUYZ: Shake Foundation, Santa Fe, NM

By Don

During a February Saturday afternoon in Santa Fe, I started jones’n for a burger. Knowing I was but a minute away, I headed to Shake Foundation. After finding a spot in the small dirt16708231_1252369954855590_7007462666437434656_n lot, I walked to the back of the building. In the back is where one orders at one window and picks up at the other. The backyard has picnic tables, several were open, the others filled with 2 to 3 people or small families. But, instead of taking time to describe the whole experience, I will cut to straight to the chase.

You pick up your food to see it packaged carefully in a box. When you open the wrapper, you’ll see a beautiful looking burger that is strategically placed for maximum visual appeal. You’ll bite into a bun that has good texture and taste but will start coming apart about half way through. The shoestring French fries will be crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.
16730100_1252369781522274_4975724287343447683_nNow the burger itself. Mom always told me if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t
say it. But, this is a blog where things are supposed to be said. It looked awesome and fresh. The green chili was very, very mild in flavor. The hand-patted patty didn’t have much discernible flavor unless you put a piece of it on your tongue for a few moments. Aside from the lettuce, tomato (not in season) and raw onion that you can add to it at no additional charge, I put a squeeze of mayo on it. That only marginally helped.

What a culinary letdown to see an incredible looking burger that didn’t have much to it. I won’t talk about the Adobe Mud Shake. I don’t see a reason to return. And, through some informal conversations with others after my visit, my assessment does not seem to be far off.

Solo Trip by Burgerguyz- Don – rating: 2.00 The Burgerguyz of New Mexico needs to leave some room at the bottom in case there’s something less deserving.

Shake Foundation
631 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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