The 2016 Burger of the Year goes to…

Congratulations to owner Art Einzig and the staff of Fire Grill BBQ in Girard on winning The 2016 Burger of the Year award! Restaurants across the nation are stepping up their burger game and the Mahoning Valley is no exception. After following leads and sampling burgers all year, the BURGERGUYZ consensus is; Not only does Fire Grill BBQ have the best burger we’ve tried this year, they rank among the best we’ve had since 2009 when we began our search! Join us on Saturday, Dec., 3rd, at 7:30 PM, as we present the 8th annual Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board Burger of the Year award to Fire Grill BBQ. General Manager Gina Bertelli will be showcasing their burgers with specials the entire evening.

Gina Bertelli, GM, and owner Art Einzig show off one of Fire Grill’s award winning burgers.

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