BURGERGUYZ: Ido Bar & Grill, Akron, OH

By Don Johnson

idofront1In it’s tireless search to find the perfect burger, the ACBG made its last stop of 2013 at Ido Bar and Grill.  Serving burgers since 1943, Ido sits on the western edge of Akron’s Firestone Park neighborhood.  I suspect that its heyday passed when the smell of rubber disappeared from the air.  However, it obviously has something going for it as its doors remain open.

All day Wednesdays, “Ido” burgers are ½ priced with the purchase of a beverage.  This reduces their signature “The Famous Ido Burger” with grilled onions, mushrooms and American cheese to a mere $3.99. With 10 burger selections plus a build your own option, everybody can get a burger here.  Don’t worry if you want a burger but your companion does not.  Their menu also provides familiar air, land and sea choices.

1487362_10200793411311136_1615453389_nAs far as the groups burger choices, I ordered the signature Ido, others ordered the Fried Pickle Burger, Blue Cheese Burger, and a Bacon Ranch Burger.  None of us offered, nor were we asked to what degree of doneness we preferred our burgers.  When they arrived, we discovered them to be well done but still juicy.  The hand-pattied burgers and sides (fries and onion rings) arrived hot.

1558472_10200793410871125_1909909590_nPresentation was typical and on a real dinner plate.  My Ido came dressed with a toothpick holding its crown on top of a pile of grilled onions and mushrooms and a stack of onion rings sitting comfortable next to it.  The Ido has a very mild flavor and no particular seasoning was noticed. The other guyz’ burgers had more flavorful toppings such as the Fried Pickle Burger.  Rich commented about how it had similarities to the well-known “Big Boy”.  Steve’s Bacon Ranch Burger came loaded with bacon!

One thing the guyz found was that the bun, while big enough for the patty and toppings, quickly became mushy and fell apart.  None of us left hungry. Ido Bar and Grill is a clean, inviting place to stop for a meal.  Ido has an average burger at a price that’s hard to beat.  The staff is second to none.  From the minute we walked in until the time we left, we were treated like old friends.  Our server, who we learned hails from France (we don’t know her name, but want her to know we’re writing about her), is just as nice and efficient as they come!


LOGOIf you know who flips a great burger in Northeast Ohio, we want to check it out! Email us at burgerguyz@hotmail.com

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