MVBRB 2012 Burger Reviews are in the Youngstown Vindicator


      Beginning in February, 2012, our reviews are appearing in the Valley Food page of the Youngstown Vindicator, as well as on the website. That’s right! You can follow us in the Vindicator, every four weeks on Wednesdays, as we eat our way through the most popular burger-joints in the valley.

.      We don’t just randomly pick places, we stop at the ones most frequently suggested to us. So, get your nominee  for the best burger to us so we can spread the word by getting them into the Vindicator. Every year, since 2009, we award the best burger with the Burger of the Year award. When we’ve exhausted our burger “Hit List,” we will name the #1 Burger in the Mahoning Valley!


.      We are also making road trips to sample burgers at popular eateries anywhere between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. So, if you have a favorite place that flips a mean burger, that’s not local, we still want to know about it!



Image      And finally, we have Eric “The Eliminator” Clark on our team. He’s looking for the best burger “challenges” in NE Ohio and Western PA! Eric has an appetite and will travel, so let us know where the BIG burgers are!



.       Join our burger-quest by contacting us by email at, or leave us a message on facebook at Hamburger Review Board or MVBRB.

The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board

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