2 comments on “BURGERGUYZ: The MVBRB 2011 Burger of the Year

  1. Guys, I went to the Sunrise today for lunch based on your burger review. You must have got some special treatment! The burger was on a plain white roll, the meat had no taste and the fries were re-fried. I’ve been to the Suntrise many times and never had a good meal. I must say I’m very dissapointed with your recomendation. The Yankee Kitchen burger blows this thing away!!

    • Thanks for commenting. Sorry to hear about your bad experience at Sunrise, Tim. All we can report on is our experience there. I don’t think we got any special treatment – they didn’t know we were there! And between the 6 of us, we have been back several times and were always pleased. However, with that said, although the vast majority of comments we get on Sunrise Inn burgers are very good, we have had a number of people, like you, that have disagreed. Not sure what the problem is, a personnel deficiency, or what? But as I stated, we can only report on our findings, and Sunrise Inn was better than any of the burgers that we reviewed as a group this year.

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