BURGERGUYZ: High Pointe Restaurant & Tavern, Niles, OH

Burgerguyz hits the Pointe for a great 
home-style atmosphere and burger
By Anthony M. Fuda 


Sometimes you want to get out for a good meal, but you don’t want the food to lose that home-style cooking.

The Burgerguyz group, Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board (MVBRB), found that happy medium at High Pointe Restaurant & Tavern, in Niles, (Trumbull County).

The food has that home-cooked taste (and portions), but we didn’t have to do any of the work.

There are actually two sides to High Pointe. The tavern, where you can grab a drink and sit back and relax; and the restaurant, which is next door and ready to accommodate your dining desires. The menu offers everything from salads, wings and salmon, to steak, pork chops, pizza and pasta. High Pointe also has daily specials, but we were there for the burgers.
Kayla SpagnolettaWalking in to the eatery, we were pleasantly greeted by our waitress, Kayla Spagnoletta, enhancing the cozy atmosphere setting.  And then having the owner, Tom Crater, walking around and checking each customer to make sure everything was made to their liking added even more to the homey feel.
Kayla guided us to our table, but our burger evening was almost halted because the menu was filled with a wide array of delicious looking items.
As the waitresses walked by with the other patrons aromatic and eye-pleasing foods, we had to avoid the temptation of wanting to order any one of those delicious dishes. The plates were overflowing and the aroma made us eager for our burgers.  
We searched the menu for the burger section and were pleased with the seven half pound burgers High Pointe offers:  Classic (lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle), Rodeo (bacon, onion rings, American cheese with a side of BBQ), Mushroom Swiss (grilled onions, Swiss cheese), Black’n Bleu (burger is rubbed in Cajun seasonings, bleu cheese crumbles),  Bacon Cheddar (bacon, melted cheddar), Dragon (roasted red peppers, crumbled bleu cheese and a sweet heat sauce), and their signature High Pointe burger (two half pound patties, hot peppers, pepper jack cheese and their own chain smoker sauce). All burgers can add lettuce, tomato and onion at your request.
Everyone ordered a different burger and we were marveled when Kayla brought our platters out and we could not see the plates beneath the huge burgers and the mountain of home-cut fries. We were happy with the flavor of the beef and the freshness of the toppings.
The homemade buns were toasted to perfection and held up very well with the huge portions of juicy beef combined with all the different toppings.
JT had the Mushroom Swiss Burger and said, “It was a huge burger with great fries.” The home-cut crispy fries always add to a meal, especially when there is a mountain of them.
High_Pointe_burgerI had the High Pointe Burger and think it will satisfy any appetite with its two half-pound patties. This flavor of this burger is enhanced by the layer of  home-made hot peppers covering the burger, and the tangy High Pointe chain-smoker sauce dripping off each patty.
Crater says High Pointe makes as much food as they can from scratch. They make  their own crusts for pizza; they cut the fries fresh and hand make the half-pound burgers — and if don’t see something on the menu, just ask and they will try and make it for you.
High Pointe has an excellent burger to go along with a very friendly, family-style atmosphere. With enormous portions of food, you will not be disappointed and you will not go away hungry. This is a place you can go back to again and again and always be satisfied.


If you have a favorite burger in NE Ohio, we want to check it out! Our e-mail:burgerguyz@hotmail.com

Drop us a line and type “BURGER” in the subject field.l_4feeb5adc8054a109f75cadb617d87b1High Pointe Restaurant & Tavern
754 Youngstown-Warren Rd
Niles, Ohio  44446


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