BURGERGUYZ: Big L’s Blind Pig, Bazetta, OH

MVBRB feels like part of the “family”

with the burgers at Big L’s Blind Pig

By Anthony “the Eraser” Fuda


The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board gang (MVBRB) took a trip back to the days of prohibition when they visited the speakeasy Big L’s Blind Pig (Bazetta).

Big L stands for owner Larry Robinson, and a “Blind Pig” is a prohibition term used to describe an establishment that sells illegal alcoholic beverages.

Even with no prohibition in our way, we entered the spacious eatery through the side door and found a nice table to discuss our “business.”
Our friendly waitress Cheryll Hodges made her way over to take our burger orders.  We read over the newspaper-style menu, with gangster photos and even a couple bullet holes, before making our choices.

There were seven burgers on the menu to choose from: regular Burger, Cheeseburger, Bacon & American Burger, Mushroom & Swiss Burger, Blue Cheese & Bacon Burger, Peppers & Onion Burger and an interesting Spinach, Tomato, Marinara and Mozzarella Burger.  The burgers are a steal, ranging in price from $6.29 to $7.29.  All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion, a pickle, and a nice order of thick crispy fries.  For a dollar more you can substitute onion rings.


“The meat was extremely fresh,” said Scott “Legs” Long, who tried the Bacon & American Burger.  “And the flavor was great.”

We all enjoyed the large homemade burgers, and the fresh grilled flavor in every bite.  You did not lose any flavor from the first bite to the last and the seasoning was perfect for each burger.

     Greg “Numbers” Bartholomew had the Blue Cheese & Bacon Burger, and noted how big the burgers were.  He said “the burger filled me up, but I’m not ready for a nap.”


While you wait for your meal, take a look around the restaurant at the mafia decorations on the walls.  Check out the photos and see how many famous mafia characters you know.  If you are like us, you will be reciting lines from movies like the Godfather and Goodfellas before you realize it.
If you just want to lounge around, there is a nice wrap-around sofa where you can sit and watch TV while enjoying your beverages.

A really nice option Big L’s offers is the outdoor patio, where you can sit overlooking Walnut Creek and eat your meal.  Any option you choose will give you a great dining experience.


You don’t have to knock three times and know a secret password to try one of these delicious burgers, but when you go, enjoy your burger because they’ll treat you like you’re part of “the family.”


The MVBRB would like to thank everyone for their burger suggestions.  You can keep sending them to mvbrb@hotmail.com.  Also, check out http://www.burgerguyz.wordpress.com for all our burger news.


Big L’s Blind Pig
4826 SR5
Bazetta, Ohio  44410

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