BURGERGUYZ: Sunrise Inn, Warren, OH

MVBRB looks to the Sunrise Inn

for a burger that is eccellente

By Anthony M. Fuda

The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board (MVBRB) guys’ quest took them to one of the area’s most popular pizza places, Sunrise Inn (Warren).  But we weren’t there for the pizza, or for any of their other delicious smelling Italian food.  We were there for the burgers.
Sunrise has been serving the families of the area for more than 80 years, starting as Warren’s first pizza shop.  They’ve expanded the family-friendly menu with meals for everyone’s taste.  You can sit on the bar side, watch a game and enjoy a slice of pizza, or go to the dining room and have some great home-cooked Italian dishes.

Our group took a table in the dining room after viewing the eatery’s walls adorned with historical photos of days past, sports memorabilia and autographed photos.

We carefully looked over the menu before placing our orders.  There are a good number of burgers to choose from, and we tried almost all of them:  Jumbo Burger (with lettuce and tomato on a boule bun), Cheeseburger, Hot as Hell Angus Burger (hot peppers, provolone cheese, fried jalapeno strips with hot garlic sauce on a boule bun), Mushroom & Onion Angus Burger (grilled mushrooms and onions on grilled rye), Bacon Black & Blue Burger (blackened seasonings, bacon, blue cheese on a boule bun), Bloomin’ Onion Burger (onion petals, cheddar cheese, onion petal sauce with bacon on a boule bun), and a Texas Chili Burger (homemade chili, cheddar cheese, diced onion on a boule bun).  All the burgers are complemented with fresh cut  fair-style fries, or you can pay an extra $1 and get some delicious crispy sweet potato fries.

Before the burgers made it to the table, you could smell the charbroiled flavor, and when the waitress set them down they looked as big as hubcaps.  The menu said these were 8 oz burgers, but we all looked at each other and said these are the biggest 8 oz burgers you will ever see.  The burger looks big as you are eating it, and you realize it IS big when you still have half a burger left — and half of this burger is more than some restaurants call a full burger.

Scott noted “the flavor of the meat was far superior to most of the burgers we’ve had.”

One of the most noticeable features of the burger was the boule bun.  (Boule means the squashed ball shape of the bun.)  We all agreed it added tremendously to the burger.  Greg said “the bun was soft in the middle, yet the exterior was good and crunchy and held up really well.”

JT commented on how good the homemade bun looked combined with the charbroiled aroma of the burger, by saying, “You knew before you tasted it, that it was going to be good.”

Sunrise may be known for their pizza, but they also  have some burgers that are every bit as good.  Next time you make that family trip for some Sunrise food, have one of their excellent burgers.  You will not go away hungry and you will enjoy every delectable bite.

This is only the third 4 1/2 star rating the group has given a burger.  It’s early in the year, but this is the burger all others will be trying to best for Burger of the Year 2011.

Keep sending those burger suggestions to mvbrb@hotmail.com, or leave a comment on the Hamburger Review Board’s Facebook page.  Check out http://www.burgerguyz.wordpress.com for all our reviews.

Sunrise Inn
510 East Market St.
Warren, Ohio  44481

3 thoughts on “BURGERGUYZ: Sunrise Inn, Warren, OH

  1. We are sooo looking forward to going there…I didn’t realize that all Sunrise Inn’s are not created equal…..we stopped at the one in Austintown the other day…and they do not have burgers, we were very disappointed…..so now I know it is in Warren….I will let you know what we thought of them….but, if you guys rated them 4 1/2….WOW!!!!…

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