The MVBRB 2010 Burger of the Year



Martini Brothers outlasts all challengers to capture MVBRB’s 2010 Burger of the Year award

By Anthony M. Fuda   

Joe and Dan Martini stand behind their burgers!

     There was some tough competition this year, but after little deliberating the Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board (MVBRB) agreed that Martini Brothers (Girard) had 2010’s best burger. There were many quality burgers this year, but Martini Brothers had that little extra something to nudge them ahead of the other burger establishments.

     Something a little different that helped set them apart was the toasted ciabatta bun. You would think a ciabatta bread would be a little hard for a burger. But the toasted bun held up very well with the juicy beef, yet was soft enough to soak in some of the flavors. 

     “Our readers have given us some great tips this year,” JT said. “Seven of the 16 burger joints we rated 4 stars or higher. I think the fresh, toasted ciabatta buns are what placed the Martini burgers ahead of the pack. A lot of places are serving 1/3 and 1/2 pound burgers, and it’s difficult for a regular bun to hold up throughout the meal. Not a problem here,” JT noted, referring to the sturdiness of the ciabatta.   

     Tony Krusely added, “The bun was unique in it was tasty without overpowering the burger. The burger was juicy and well seasoned.”

     The seasonings on the burgers were another factor. Many places either under or over season the burgers, but Martini Brothers seem to have found not only the right combination of spices, but also the right amount of seasoning, so as to not overpower the burger.

     And they were very generous with the toppings. Scott Long, who had the John Wayne burger (with BBQ sauce, onion rings and bacon), said “Most places give you a little sauce, but the Martini burger had flavor throughout the burger — not just for a couple bites.”

     Before we reviewed Martini Brothers, co-owner Dan Martini said they “were an Italian restaurant with a page of burgers.” Martini added that after the review the menu turned to mostly burgers — and there was talk of possibly a future menu consisting of 40 burgers. We, at the Burger Review Board, like that kind of talk!

     People have contacted the MVBRB telling us they stop at Martini Brothers once a week just to get a burger “because the burgers are that good.”

     And this isn’t Martini Brothers first award this year. After our recommendation to enter the National Hamburger Festival in Akron, they went and brought back two awards — 1st in Creative Burger and 3rd Best Beacon Burger. The Beacon Burger is the best overall burger of the festival, named for the Akron Beacon Journal, a sponsor of the event.

     Since our review, Martini Brothers moved from Girard to 36 Youngstown-Warren Rd. in Niles. They will be serving that same great, award-winning burger at their new location.

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3 thoughts on “The MVBRB 2010 Burger of the Year

  1. It was a nice surprise to see the TV news at the award presentation. Thanks, channels W’s YTV, KBN, & YFX for covering the event! We had a lot of fun!

    1. The burgers we had there were fantastic! But I’m going to save you the trip, Ben – Martini Brothers has since, closed their doors. One of the brothers has opened a new place, Sangria Italian, in Niles. We haven’t tried their burgers yet, but we suspect they’re probably pretty good.

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