BURGERGUYZ: Station Square, Liberty, OH

MVBRB tries something out of the ordinary,

Station Square’s

Italian Piedmontese beef 

By Anthony M. Fuda

There are only three months left before the Burger of the Year is decided and the race is heating up. The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board’s (MVBRB) recent trip to Station Square Ristorante (Liberty) made the contest even closer. 

Station Square had been serving the Valley since 1986, but added International flair when chefs Ottavio and Bridget Musumeci purchased the restaurant in 2001. Ottavio, born and raised in Italy, brings his International cooking knowledge while Bridget, who was born and raised in Warren and studied as a sous chef in Italy, brings her knowledge of the area to the business.

The “Original Station Burger”
Station Square caters to all tastes featuring steak, chicken, fish, pasta, and almost anything else you could imagine. Everything on the menu looked delicious and the different plates being served around us kept turning our heads — but we were there for the burgers.
After walking in to the very family-friendly atmosphere and being greeted by our waiter Chris Shepard, we were ready to order our burgers. But manager Wendy Lineman stopped by and mentioned that Station Square offers a different type of beef you can order. Besides the regular beef, they have an intriguing organic Piedmontese beef. The Piedmontese beef was originally grown in Piedmont, Italy. There are a large number farms in Canada and also Montana, with popularity gaining in other states, too. This Piedmont beef is locally raised in Trumbull County at Manna Farms in Johnston. The beef is USDA approved, and is with less fat, higher Omego-3 and a very tender flavor.
So, four of the five of us tried the Piedmontese beef and agreed the flavor and tenderness of the meat was excellent. The organic Piedmontese meat is slightly higher in price, but the taste warrants the cost.

“For a ‘healthy’ menu item, the flavor of the Piedmontese meat was excellent,” JT said. “The beef was tender and juicy for being low fat.”
The menu offered three house burgers; the Original Station burger (sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers and provolone cheese); the Conductor (smothered with mushrooms and Jack cheese); the BBQ (bacon, cheese and a tangy BBQ sauce); and a build-your-own burger.
The 1/2 pound burgers were served on a kaiser roll with crisp pickles, tomato and a nice piece of leaf lettuce. You could order fries, a potato, rice or broccoli as a side. But it is hard to pass up a nice thick cut fry with a great tasting burger.
The highlight of the burger experience was the Piedmontese beef, and the MVBRB recommends ordering it to enhance your meal.

We have found several great burgers this year thanks to comments and suggestions from you, our readers. Keep posting your comments here or send them to mvbrb@hotmail.com or find us on facebook at Hamburger Review Board.

Station Square Ristorante Grill & Lounge
4250 Belmont Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

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