BURGERGUYZ: YOLO Grille, Canfield

MVBRB guys get their fill at YOLO Grille,
realizing You Only Live Once is true
By Anthony M. Fuda

The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board’s (MVBRB) latest stop on its quest to find the best burger took them to YOLO Grille and Wine Bar (Canfield) — Matt Sutton’s restaurant that almost never was.

    Sutton, owner and head chef at YOLO, has been working in the restaurant business for more than 10 years. He finished his culinary training in Florida, worked as Executive chef for Dick Jacobs in Cleveland and Mr. Debartolo at the Youngstown Club, and then owned Martini’s Restaurant in Youngstown.

    Then he had to make a choice. Either open a restaurant in Florida or open one here in Canfield. While pondering his dilemma on vacation he saw a yacht named You Only Live Once — and YOLO was born.

    We’re glad he chose to stay here and keep his tasty burgers in the area.

After entering the quaint eatery we were pleasantly greeted by our waitress, Brittany Packer, who made us feel at home.

    YOLO has only a handful of burgers, but the flavor in each was outstanding. We chose the inside-out burger (with three cheeses in the middle of the half pound patty), the Three Pigs Burger (half-pound angus beef, bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese,) the meatloaf burger (Grandma’s meatloaf char grilled and served on a ciabatta roll with lettuce, onion, and homemade ketsup,) and the Just a burger (for anyone who wants just a plain burger on a bun.)

The burgers were seasoned well and topped with fresh tomatoes, onions, pickles and a crisp piece of leaf lettuce.

    The large, flavorful burgers fill out the oversized ciabatta bun and are complemented with either orzo pasta salad or a generous portion of crispy festival fries.

    “It was a big juicy burger,” said Tony Krusely. “And the ciabatta bun held up well.”

    We all agreed you get plenty of food for the price. “I didn’t go away hungry,” said Scott Long. “I was stuffed and it was good.”

    YOLO also has their own wines, working with the Laurello Winery in Geneva. They feature a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir, and they offer the wines on draft. In early Fall, they will have an Early Red Reserve.

    If you are looking for a great tasting burger with a fun, friendly atmosphere, then YOLO is worth a visit — at least once in your lifetime.




 YOLO Grille
5231-4 S. Canfield-Niles Rd.

 Canfield, OH



BG DECAL 1    We have found several great burgers this year thanks to comments and suggestions from you, our readers. Keep posting the comments or send them to mvbrb@hotmail.com

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