BURGERGUYZ: Steel Trolley Diner, Lisbon, OH

The Steel Trolley Diner, Lisbon

    The Steel Trolley Diner was originally built in 1954 as one of the last diners of the Jerry O’Mahoney Company, known then as one of the largest diner manufacturers in the US.

     The STD was first moved to Salem, OH, operating as Aldom’s Diner for 24 years before finally ending up in Lisbon in 1979. The STD has been open continuously ever since and is one of the last surviving original diners.
     When we walked in to the packed trolley car, we noticed the shiny decor, and were greeted with that 1950s diner atmosphere. The waitresses wore the 1950s poodle skirts and treated us better than family. You can sit in a booth or at the diner counter — and watch as they prepare your food.
     There are more than 30 burgers on the menu. From the National Hamburger Festival award winning burgers; 1st place 2009- Marley (Jamaican jerk sauce, orange chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato), 2nd 2007- Johnny Appleseed (grilled onions, shredded cheddar and homemade apple pie jam), 3rd 2007-Elvis (bacon, peanut butter, and banana jam, served on a buttered grilled bun) and 1st 2006-BBQ (BBQ sauce, onions and lots of shredded cheddar cheese), to the rest of the page-and-a-half of burgers, you can’t go wrong picking any of them.
     Your burgers are brought out with the buns branded with the signature “STD” and complemented with an overflowing basket of original fries. You can even choose sweet potato fries if you like.
     We had to try the award winners (two of us had a Marley and one had a BBQ burger.) And we all agreed the sauces combined with the lightly seasoned beef and fresh toppings were mouthwatering.
     “The burgers are well worthy of the awards and you won’t go away hungry,” said Scott Long. “The Trolley has a great atmosphere.”
     When you are craving that late night burger (they are open 24 hours), and some award winning pie, then the Steel Trolley is the place for you.
     Our special guest, and favorite freelance writer (Valley Mag article), Sue Mellish said, “the crowd thins out a little later in the day.”

Enjoy the original diner atmosphere and have a great burger


Steel Trolley Diner
140 E. Lincolnway
Lisbon, Ohio,
Email the MVBRB at mvbrb@hotmail.com and tell us where the best burger is.

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