MVBRB Review: Martini Brothers, Girard (4-7-10)

by Anthony M. Fuda
The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board’s (MVBRB) message board has been lighting up with requests to check out Martini Brothers (Girard). From patrons to the owners themselves, we hear they have a burger worthy of taking home the coveted 2010 Burger of the Year award. 
Dan Martini, one of three brothers who own the Italian restaurant/sports bar, says, “I think we have a decent shot at the Burger of the Year. We believe that we can offer a unique burger experience you can’t get at many places.”
Stacy Mann, of Martini Brothers, delivers a “John Wayne” burger.
Martini Brothers opened at the end of 2009 and is located in the golf dome in Girard. When you walk in, you can feel the sports theme around you, and the smell of mouth-watering food is in the air.
They back up the talk with an excellent burger. Starting with a toasted ciabatta bun, then adding the freshly made burger and topping it off with fresh lettuce and tomato, the burger is full of flavor.
Complementing the burger and filling out the plate are crispy, golden fries.
“Everything was great,” said board member Scott Long. “The bun was fresh and the meat had great flavor.”
Everyone had a different burger, choosing from a page of specialty burgers. We had the John Wayne and the Coney Island, as well as a couple build your own. And we all agreed the fresh bun combined with the excellent seasoned meat helped take this burger to number one on our list.
Martini says, “burgers began to slowly take center stage on the menu,” and you can tell why with the tasty seasoned meats, specialty toasted buns and the variety of toppings.
They also offer a wide variety of Italian foods to go with the freshly made burgers.
They feature a challenge burger, the Fat Daddy challenge (4 1/2 pounds of food)– and if you can eat everything on the plate in 25 minutes, it’s free. Only one person has been successful so far. While we were reviewing the burgers, Steven Bydo, of Girard, stopped in and took the challenge. He gave it a good fight, but waved the white flag against the mountain of meat.
If you are looking for a challenge, check out Martini Brothers and the Fat Daddy. And if you are looking for an excellent tasting burger, stop by and order any one of their instant classics.
Drop us a line at and tell us where you think the best burger is.

1300 N. State St  (inside the Golf Dome)
Girard, Ohio
NOTE: Martini Brothers has closed

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