BURGERGUYZ: Davidson’s Tavern & Restaurant, Cornersburg, OH

JT and Anthony prepare for a burger.


By Anthony M. Fuda

     The Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board (MVBRB) continued it’s journey to find the best burger. The piles and piles of snow would not deter us from our goal. We trudged our way through the mounds of snow to our second destination of 2010 — Davidson’s Tavern and Restaurant in Cornersburg.
    There are two sides to Davidson’s, the restaurant and the bar. We chose the sports-themed bar side, with all kinds of sports memorabilia lining the walls – from football to baseball to Nascar. And there was a different sporting event on all the TVs in the bar to please every enthusiast.
    Upon being pleasantly greeted by our server Nina we were offered a build your own type burger, which let us choose from various toppings to suit our different tastes.
    Everyone had the same burger with only variations of cheese and onions to go with the lettuce and tomato. The burgers were complemented with fair-style fries — which always add to the meal.


Kruzer, checking out a Davidson’s burger.

If you love a good grilled burger, you could taste the smoky grill flavor in each bite.

     Board member Anthony Krusely, Jr., (pictured) said his burger was “nice and juicy, cooked very well and the toppings were plentiful and tasty.” “I was quite impressed,” he added.

     Even though there were only two burgers on the menu, being able to choose your own toppings made it seem like there were more.
     Whether you are looking for a place to catch the game, the race, or whatever sporting event you are interested in, Davidson’s offers a friendly atmosphere and a juicy burger to help you enjoy your event.
MVBRB Rating: ☆☆☆½

If you feel your restaurant, bar, tavern or pub’s burger has what it takes to take home 2010’s Burger of the Year award, email us at mvbrb@hotmail.com and tell us why we should check your place out.


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