MVBRB Review: Buffalo Wild Wings, Niles (7-22-09)

Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board Holds 1st Meeting

By Anthony M. Fuda
The MVBRB. Sitting - Anthony, JT, and 2 Meat Mike. Standing - Scott and Kruzer

For all the restaurants, pubs and eating establishments claiming to have “the best burger,” there is a group, the Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board (MVBRB), that wants to put their grills to the test.

The M.V.B.R.B. held their first meeting on July 22 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Niles. Co-founders Jerry Tranovich (who goes by JT), and Scott Long, organized the plan over a lunch-time sandwich and beer. The idea spawned after JT had seen a report on a “60 Minutes” type show, about the Burger of the Month Club, a group of guys on a similar endeavor in New York. The two began recruiting members on the following day. Joining them were Tony Krusely (Kruzer), Mike Flarey (2 Meat Mike), and yours truly, Anthony Fuda. The purpose of our group is simply to seek out the best hamburgers in the Mahoning Valley and give a monthly report with our findings.

The factors we will be looking at while reviewing are: The beef – is it cooked to order and how is the seasoning? The bun – is it fresh, and does it hold up the burger throughout the meal? The Toppings – are they fresh? The side (usually fries) – are they fresh-cut or prepackaged? Crisp or soggy? Along with the food, other things we are evaluating are: Presentation, service, atmosphere, overall cleanliness, and last but not least, the price – is it worth it?

“It’s more than just the burger that makes the meal. All the factors surrounding it can make or break the meal,” said JT.

Scott added, “There are many variations of a burger. But we’re looking for the place that builds the best overall burger experience.”

We are inviting everyone to participate in our quest! Just send your candidates for the best burger in town via email. And any establishment that thinks their burger has what it takes, we want to know about it! If it’s that good, we’ll help you get the word out!

Our email address:

Buffalo Wild Wings, Niles

Although the burger was nicely seasoned, the buns didn’t quite make through the meal without falling apart. Service was just “OK”. We were divided on this one and ended up giving them a ‘middle of the road’ rating.


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