BURGERGUYZ: Amen Corner Sports Bar & Grille, Girard, OH

 Amen Corner is kind of like that place

where everybody knows your name

By Anthony M. Fuda

Sometimes you want to go to a place “where everybody knows your name.” Amen Corner Sports Bar & Grille (Girard) could just be that place.

You walk in to a very cozy sports bar, and the waitresses and customers are talking to each other like they’ve been lifelong friends. Looking around, you see sports on the televisions and walls decorated with different types of sports memorabilia.

We found a booth and got down to business – the burgers. We noticed they only offered a build-your-own burger and were happy to be able to decide what toppings we wanted on each of our burgers. There was a nice selection of toppings to choose from also: grilled onions, roasted peppers, lettuce , tomato, onions, different cheeses, just to name some of the choices.

After we placed our order, we patiently waited the 40 minutes it took for our five burgers to arrive. We saw the waitresses and bartenders talking with the other patrons like they were family, listening, laughing and giggling at the stories they were telling.

It’s nice to have that friendly atmosphere around you, but we seemed to be avoided during our burger wait.

When the burgers did arrive, we enjoyed the flavor, and again, having the toppings of our choosing made the burgers our own. It still would have been nice to have a house special burger as an alternate choice.

The burgers came with a side of thick cut fries, which were very tasty and always complement the burger well.

The 40 minute wait, and feeling like an outsider in the local bar, made Amen Corner just par for the course.

Amen Corner

20 W.Main Street

Girard, OH 44420


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