BURGERGUYZ: O’Donold’s Irish Pub & Grille, Austintown, OH

O’Donold’s has an excellent burger

with the perfect touch of Irish flair


By Anthony M. Fuda

When you visit O’Donold’s Irish Pub & Grille (Austintown) you are not only walking in to a fine restaurant and bar, but you feel like you are being transported to a castle-style pub, just waiting to hear a pub regular say “I have a story to tell you, so sit down and have a pint with me.”

As you walk in, you first notice the stone-brick wall separating the pub from the restaurant, which gives you that castle-ruin feeling. Look around and the walls are lined with historic Irish photos. To enhance the atmosphere even more, the waitresses are clad in traditional Irish kilts.

The bar is set up with an antique piano as a beer tap, with 16 taps in the piano. And in the winter there is a fireplace you can sit by and enjoy your delicious meal.

Pub owner Christian Rinehart said “people think of O’Donold’s as a St. Patrick’s Day bar, but there is an excellent restaurant here.” He added there are days when you can have customers ranging from 20 years old to 70 years old.

Lindsay McMath

After being invited to rate O’Donold’s burger, we were pleasantly greeted by our server Lindsay McMath, who made sure our glasses were never empty and our burgers were made to our liking.

The burgers were excellent and every bite was full of flavor. Board member Tony Krusely said, “I was very impressed by the entire dining experience. A place known for it’s beers has very exceptional food.”

O’Donold’s offers nine quality burgers, each served on a freshly toasted bun. We chose the popular Guinness Burger (Guinness cheddar cheese and Guinness BBQ), the Rocket Burger (cheddar, grilled onions and chipotle mayo), the Alpine Burger (bourbon sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese), a Classic Burger, and the O’Donold’s Burger (American cheese and special Irish sauce). They also offer a build-your-own burger.

Everyone agreed the seasoning and flavor of the burgers was terrific. From beginning to end, there was flavor in every bite.

The burgers are served with fries or pub chips. We chose the fries, and they reminded you of the old-fashioned home-cut golden brown fries, crispy and very tasty — add a little vinegar and enjoy the flavor.

Overall this is a great burger for lunch, dinner or that late night craving. You don’t have to wait until March 17 because these excellent burgers are served year round.

Tell us where your favorite burger is. Email any burger suggestions to mvbrb@hotmail.com

O’Donold’s Irish Pub & Grille

6000 Mahoning Avenue

Austintown, Ohio 44515

(330) 270-2800

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