By Anthony M. Fuda


   What’s more American than baseball and apple pie?
   That’s right, and the MVBRB thought they would try out a ballpark burger at a Mahoning Valley Scrappers game.
   A burger at the ballpark? – that’s what we were thinking. The ballgame is made for hot dogs and stadium mustard. But we gave the burgers a try anyway.
   You’re not going to find a 5 star chef at most (or hardly any) ballparks, but you will find a 5 star family-friendly atmosphere. Especially at Eastwood field, where there isn’t a bad seat in the stadium.
   As for the burger. It’s what you would think a ballpark burger would be. It’s not bad, but nothing that beats a stadium dog.
   Overall we had a great time with our wives and girlfriends. The atmosphere was fun, watching the contests every other inning, And almost seeing a no-hitter by our very own Scrappers.

   The company was great, the game was fun to watch and we almost were able to see a no-hitter thrown – for the home team.
   We all agreed they should leave the burgers to the grillmasters and stick with a hot dog.
   If you are really looking for a burger, save that for the after game. Enjoy the stadium hot dogs coated with stadium mustard.
   Have a great time and Go Scrappers!
Mahoning Valley Scrappers mascot, “Scrappy”, with JT, Scott, and Anthony

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